Ruby::AZ January 17th, 2017 PaymentRequest API by Michael Tucker

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Today's explosive e-commerce growth is undeniable, driven almost entirely by an increase mobile shopping. Unfortunately, it can be painful to complete traditional checkout processes on mobile, resulting in a staggering 70% averge cart abandonment! Solutions like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are helping in this area, but each requires custom integration, which is not scalable. Fortunately for us, W3C has recognized this problem and proposed a new web standard for collecting payment on the web!

While not Ruby-specific, this talk will cover the new PaymentRequest API web standard, complete with a demo implementation from a Ruby application (Javascript included). This JavaScript API allows you to collect payment information through a native mobile interface from a web application on supporting devices. You like money, right? Make it easy for your users to give it to you!

Michael Tucker is Director of Engineering for e-commerce at GoDaddy, building DIY tools for go-getters to get selling online. He started coding in C# and JavaScript in the metro DC area, as a consultant, before eventually finding Ruby about three years ago. While he enjoys coding in Ruby, it is the community around the language that keeps him coming back for more!

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at GoDaddy in Tempe.


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