The best resources for learning Ruby and Rails in 2011

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So you want to dive into Ruby and Ruby on Rails? Perhaps you've got plenty of experience with Java, .NET, or Django, but you're still hungry to learn and you're fascinated with what you've been reading about Ruby and Rails.  Great. 

Since there isn't a one stop guide for everything on Rails, I decided to put together a quick list of links to books, tutorials, podcasts, screencasts, and hosting services. 

Mastery is a journey, and this post will help you get there.

Buy a few good books:

Stay updated with podcasts or videos:

Walkthrough a Rails tutorial:

Follow the latest Ruby news:

Get started on Windows:

Explore the Ruby and Rails software ecosystem:

Version control services

Rails hosting services:

My favorite Ruby software

Don't see your favorite place to learn Ruby? Add it to the comments below.

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