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Ruby developer Curtis Miller, presented on Jekyll, a blog-aware, static site generator in the Ruby programming language. Jekyll was originally created by Tom Preston-Werner and Nick Quaranto for use on GitHub. Jekyll takes a template directory (representing the raw form of a website), runs it through Textile or Markdown and Liquid converters, and produces a complete, static website.

Why is Jekyll awesome?

  1. Static pages
  2. Ruby based
  3. Liquid tags
  4. YAML - used for global and page configuration

Benefits to using Jekyll include:

  1. Highly configurable
  2. Built in syntax highlighting  
  3. Plugins architecture, including some Jekyll plugins Curtis wrote for his business website
  4. Easy deployment on Heroku, directly through Github, or on Amazon E3
  5. Fast loading - Curtis discussed load testing your Jekyll site on Blitz. 
  6. Local deployment and development using Foreman
  7. Extendable with Sinatra

Jekyll Presentation Video

Here's the video in case you missed this RubyAZ meeting.

Jekyll Slide Presentation

Download the Jekyll presentation slides here

Sinatra Presentation

Chris Matthieu also presented on Sinatra, with an impromptu coding session using SMSified to send and receive text messages

Sinatra Video

 Watch the Jekyll presentation videoSinatra presentation, and other videos on the RubyAZ channel.


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