Ember JS Help

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Twice now Chris Irish has been kind enough to show us EmberJS. It can be a powerful...

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Ruby::AZ - Sept 16th

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Using Ember Components

Chris Irish (@supairish) of Velocity Labs, a local ruby on rails...

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Ruby::AZ - August 19th

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Elio Grieco - Planning for the Worst: Disaster Recovery Strategies to Preserve...

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JOB :: Full-time Ruby/Rails Developer and Product Manager

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Matt Verbin from Tanga.com is looking for a full-time Ruby/Rails Developer and a...

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Looking for a couple of Rails Developers -- Phoenix

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Bob is looking for a couple of Rails developers to come and work with him at...

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Ruby::AZ - April 15th

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Ember.js and Rails

Chris Irish (@supairish) of Velocity Labs (Burst / Flatterline)...

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RoR FTE Job Opportunity—Work Remotely From Home


We are one of the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies, serving customers all over the...

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pjax + Rails Presentation Slides

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Bruce White from SoftwareOps has posted his slides to his pjax + Rails presentation....

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Ruby::AZ - March 18th

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Bruce White will present pjax. pjax is a jQuery plugin that uses ajax...

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JS Dev and SDET with RoR, Full Time in Gilbert

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I have a few excellent full time positions with an exceptional internet company that is...

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