Ruby::AZ - June 21th

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Elio Grieco on Enterprise level monitoring for free with Icinga:

Icinga is an...

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The best resources for learning Ruby and Rails in 2011

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So you want to dive into Ruby and Ruby on Rails? Perhaps you've got plenty of...

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Job: RoR @ in Chandler

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We want to bring a ruby developer into our team - we own an online university (Chandler...

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Code & Coffee - May 25th

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Code and Coffee

Get out of the office and come hang for some coffee and code at the...

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Mongo DB & Rails Views - May 24th 7pm @ Gangplank

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Michael Christenson on Mongo DB:

  • MongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable,...
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Resources for Learning Ruby

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Getting started with Ruby or Ruby on Rails may initially seem like a steep hill to...

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Job: RoR @ TTI in Scottsdale

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TTI Performance Systems is the world leader in personal and professional assessment...

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And we are live...

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You are now looking at the new Ruby:AZ website. The website was build with Ruby on...

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Ruby::AZ - May 17th

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Kit Plummer on Vagrant:

Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized...

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