Guidelines for Posting Jobs to Ruby::AZ

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Job Posting Guidelines

We at Ruby::AZ love to hear about interesting new gigs. We do ask that you are as accurate as possible and of course we want the posting to be appropriate for our group. So please include the following information when posting a new job:

  • Skills: Ruby / Rails must be the core skill requirement
  • Location: Exact city. Must be in Arizona!
  • Responsibilities: Our members want to know if the percentage of (if any) management/administration versus programming
  • Physical Presence: Our members also want to know precisely how much they need to be on site versus remote/telecommuting work 
  • Industry: Tell us what's that the end goal of the application/project
  • Estimated Duration: In months, weeks, years
  • W2 or 1099: Employee or Contractor/ConsultantIs this an equity for work offer?: Yes/No


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