Job: Full-time Rubyist at local Arizona Startup

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Do you want a career where you can have a profound impact on the company and products, be a leader and innovator, and work remotely? We are in beta with our first product and are looking for a Rubyist to help lead the way as we test, iterate, and scale into other verticals.

Help change the way professional service businesses relate to their web presence.


  • Are intimidated by no challenge
  • Can solve problems 
  • Find refactoring therapeutic 
  • Love writing tests almost as much as implementation code 
  • Want to work from home. . . from anywhere in the US 
  • Enjoy a healthy mix of working as a team and getting shit done on your own

Are intimately familiar with:

  • Git
  • Rails 
  • Sinatra 
  • Postgres (ok. . . or MySQL) 
  • Rspec 
  • Capybara 
  • Factory Girl 
  • DelayedJob 
  • Caching 
  • JSON

And have at least a little experience with: 

  • Heroku
  • Devise 
  • Cancan 
  • OmniAuth 
  • Formtastic or SimpleForm 
  • Backbone or Ember

And maybe even:

  • Coffeescript
  • RubyMotion

LawLytics is the first product of MarLytics, LLC, which aims to redefine the way professional services companies relate to their web presence, starting with lawyers. The company was co-founded by Attorney Dan Jaffe and Rubyist Derek Johnson, and is Dan's second legal technology startup following the successful acquisition of his first project within two years of inception.

LawLytics is currently in Beta. For a tour of what the app does, mission statement, early reviews and more, see, and for a longer in-depth tutorial for new users, see the video at the bottom of

At it's core, the system builds intuitive, responsive websites for attorneys, and enables even the most tech-challenged lawyer to successfully manage their own online marketing.

The app also has its own lead management and tracking system, web and user analytics system and built-in social network that enables lawyers to cross-market using their websites and blogs as the medium for their networking activities.

The app also has many other systems that make the customers' lives easy including: link management, recommendations and case results management, a drag and drop media library with automatic HTML5 video encoding, a form builder, automatic optimization of web pages and blog posts including the addition of attorney-specific semantic markup.

Everything described above and more is already built, along with passing tests for everything, and a gathering stable of positive user stories.

We are looking for a Ruby Engineer to become a long term team member who will be able to help us implement a healthy pipeline of new features and refinements, and then expand the concept into verticals beyond law, including medicine, dentistry, accounting and many others.

We are internally well-funded, and nearly two years into this project with a small but very talented team. Now that we have initial proof of concept, we are looking for the right team members to jump in and work with us as we step it up and accelerate our growth.

To apply send experience, skills and code samples by email to

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