Ruby::AZ - August 16th

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First Ruby::AZ Hack-a-ton

We believe that you can't learn much from slides so for this upcoming meeting we are going to:

  • Spend 30-45 minutes of getting Ruby, RVM and potentially MySQL installed along with a tutorial on RVM, bundler and all things related, gems, gemsets, etc.( I'll be there earlier to help you with the installs also)
  • 1-2 hours of getting your RoR on. We plan 3/4 applications to be build in a span of 2 hours, divide the room into 3/4 groups with a balanced mix of seasoned devs and beginners and we get things going. 
  • On the next meeting, one or two people from each team will present their app for about 20-25 minutes (you'll have a month to work on it in collaborative fashion) and highlight what they've learn, any gotchas they've encountered and any notable things accomplished.

Our mission should you choose to accept it is to build a minimum viable product. The meeting will be kick off meeting for the projects. Between this meeting and the next we'll work remotely and collaborate via github/pivotal tracker. 

 The sample application candidates (so far) are: 

  • Brokinart (submitted by Jason Etchason): functionality includes an art database, a pay-pal based shopping cart functionality so people can purchase originals and prints of her work, and some 'social- networking' integration including a blog of some type.
  • Quiz/Flash Cards: A simple site for kids to practice arithmetic/ algebra. Start with the arithmetic, randomly generated problems. Timed flashcards. A good use case for jQuery/Rails/Sinatra.
  • Pricing Engine: A mashup to find out the average price of an item, new, used, at auction by SKU, description, etc. A restful API. Build a simple client to test it.
  • Public Transportation Wizard: Given an origin and a destination tell me how to get from origin to destination using only public transportation services. 

Keep on sending your ideas. Hope to see you all on Tuesday!


The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at around 6:30PM at ASU SkySong/HackSpace , 1475 N Scottsdale Rd # 150, Scottsdale, AZ (480) 884-1860


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