Ruby::AZ - Feb. 18th

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Introduction to

Garth Gaughan will introduce the group to which allows for browser based development in many languages including ruby. The idea of simply developing from a browser anywhere in the world from any computer with a good internet connection is music to my ears. The team has built in many features that make everything from creating to deployment easy. He will talk about the features and pitfalls that he has found and run into, including a short demo.

Postgres from a DBS's perspective

Steve Crandell, Postgres DBA here in Phoenix, will be giving an overview of Postgres.


The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month around 6:30PM at CO+HOOTS. Plan on arriving around 6:30PM to socialize.
1027 E. Washington St. Suite 107 Phoenix, Arizona 85034


About The Presenters:

Garth Gaughan

I am an aspiring software developer currently studying ruby. I spend most of my time solving problems or finding problems to solve. Some are of the coding variety, some are of the life variety. Favorite foods: Indian, and Nutella (not together.) I rarely scream but when I do the buckeyes have just scored a touchdown.

Steve Crandell

Steve has been doing a mix of systems and database related projects since 1999 and working with postgres since 2006. He has built a startup on postgres, converted large portions of existing companies over to postgres, played games inside postgres and loved every minute of it. Steve is member of the phoenix postgresql users group and an overall proponent of open (but still friendly) technologies, especially when it comes to relational and non-relational data stores.

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