Ruby::AZ - January 17th

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Elon Flegenheimer on Chef:

Chef enables the systematic automation of infrastructure deployment and many system administration tasks using Ruby. We will start by covering Chef concepts. Next we'll walk through using Chef solo to automate installation tasks on a VM. Finally we'll walk through a more complicated client-server scenario with chef-client and an Opscode Chef server.


The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at ASU SkySong, 1475 N Scottsdale Rd # 249, Scottsdale, AZ (480) 884-1860

About The Presenter:

Elon Flegenheimer

Elon (@elon_f) is an accomplished software engineer, team lead, and consultant with a background in business and technology. Recently he's been designing the architecture of a distributed cloud-based M2M solution and implementing various components of this system using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, JRuby, AWS/EC2, Chef, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MySQL.


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