Ruby::AZ - May 21st

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The Ins and Outs of Rails Engines

Chris Irish (@supairish) of Burst Software, a local ruby on rails development company, will be presenting on the ins and outs of Rails Engines. What they are, how do they work, how can you leverage them within your apps, how do you test them, and some gotchas learned while using them. You may have used them already and didn't even know it as some very popular Rails gems are engines under the hood. Chris has been doing Rails development for the past 7 years, runs Burst Software out of Chandler, AZ, and enjoys making music in his free time.

Rails on Heroku: The Latest

Danny Whalen (@invisiblefunnel) of Integrallis Software will be presenting on the latest developments in running Rails applications on Heroku. The PaaS model makes it easy to get an app deployed, but getting the most out of the platform requires additional understanding of the infrastructure. A few changes and can significantly improve your app's performance. The talk will also cover Heroku PostgreSQL fork and follow features and discuss possible use cases.


The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at around 6:30PM at at CO+HOOTS. Plan on arriving around 6:30PM to socialize.

1027 E. Washington St. Suite 107 Phoenix, Arizona 85034

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