Ruby::AZ - Oct. 15th

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Troy Anderson on: A Rails-driven API for iOS Application

Troy Anderson will be taking about a Rails API + iPhone/iPad app that he's written that one day will be used to scan and track visitor badges at a local theme park to provide visitors with a way to find themselves in photos taken at the park. Preview: It involves network queuing on the device to handle connectivity issues, a simple Rails based RESTful API, and QR/Bar code scanning.

Nick Zadrozny on: Extracting Services from a Rails Application

Nick Zadrozny (@nz_) will complement Troy's talk by talking about some early experiences extracting services out of a Rails apps, using DropWizard and bundling custom focused Ruby clients.


The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at around 6:30PM at at CO+HOOTS. Plan on arriving around 6:30PM to socialize.

1027 E. Washington St. Suite 107 Phoenix, Arizona 85034

About The Presenters:

Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson (@) has 20 years of background in both software and real estate development and management, I have a rich set of experiences that provides me with a unique perspective to businesses looking to further their strategic objectives using technology. My specific areas of expertise in technology include a proficiency in Ruby on Rails for web and server back end services, and iOS (iPhone/iPad) development for mobile applications. My formal education includes a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Washington.

Nick Zadrozny

Nick (@nz_) has been a freelance Ruby on Rails web developer since 2006, working on a wide variety of client projects and has implemented the full range of search implementation strategies, feeling first-hand the pain involved in delivering quality search performance.

Nick ( is the co-founder of WebSolr, a service providing Enterprise-grade search powered by Apache Solr.

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