Ruby::AZ September 15th, 2015

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Joe DeVivo on: HTTP/2 IN ERLANG

HTTP/1 has had a good run, and to be honest, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. What it is doing, is going through TCP connections like nobody's business! If you're looking to streamline communications overhead between a browser and a server or lower the network traffic of your web service calls, you might want to get on board this HTTP/2 bandwagon. I'm going to chat with you all about the HTTP protocol. How it does the things that it claims. What's the deal with multiplexing? What's so cool about HPACK? (Spoiler: it's the dynamic table, and the static table, and the Huffman encoding, ok there are a lot of cool parts) We'll also talk about the Erlang server implementation I've been working on, Chatterbox. We can talk about the design choices I made and what happens when the rubber hits the road. I'll have future work outlined as well, which at some point I hope means being able to use Chatterbox as the HTTP server for WebMachine and an HTTP/2 client for Erlang.


The group meets at 6:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at SocialWhirled

817 North Central Avenue | Phoenix, Arizona 85004

About The Presenters:

Joe DeVivo

Joe spent about a decade writing more and more ceremonious Java before he started writing Erlang at Basho, and now CHEF. He's spoken at several Erlang conferences, but is looking forward to branching out into the broader Functional Programming world. Joe lives just outside Phoenix with his wife, daughter, and son where they play board games, practice Tae Kwon Do, and are never ever cold.

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